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Why Us


Working on a time-to-value basis, we’ve developed unique practices and tools within popular frameworks that ensure accurate delivery and a fast turnaround time.


Industry-specific expertise on implementation, modernisation and deployment of various technologies to help you accelerate your business growth.


Client satisfaction is our only measure of success. We approach each project through the lens of its stakeholders and deliver consistent value based on their needs.


A linear mindset no longer works in cutting-edge fields like cloud and AI. Bringing innovation by challenging the status quo and thinking outside the norm at every opportunity.


We work on your schedule. We adapt our processes to your requirements and aim to foster on-demand scalability and agility in your business while keeping the costs down.


Our competitive pricing modules allow creative investment strategies to maximise capacity, do more with your budgets & optimise your digital transformation.


Offshore Model

All project development takes place on our premises, from conceptualization to delivery and support. Clients are constantly informed at all stages of the project, and material results are delivered to them on a regular, predetermined basis.

Onsite Model

Assigned projects are completed on the customer's premises. We bring out highly skilled staff with great programming skills to your site thanks to our cross-functional pool of professionals. SIENT considers the needs of the customers in terms of manpower and selects eligible candidates through an interview.

Combined onsite/offsite model

The onsite team at the customer's location communicates directly with the offshore development team. While our specialised offshore team works on system development, the onsite team can conveniently address and attend to essential tasks and integration issues that require hands-on attention. This model maximises time and resource usage by providing a 24-hour development cycle and lowering manufacturing costs by utilising our own offshore facilities. This strategy is best for medium and large projects.

Offshore development team

Customers can have a virtual extension of their in-house software team using this arrangement. We assemble a dedicated team of software experts pre-selected by you. The team follows your software development and project management techniques and methodologies. Project management can be handled by either the client or SIENT and in both cases you will have full control over the development cycle.

We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

Still unsure? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch to figure this out together!

Do I need a project plan?

If you have one that’s great, if not, we’re here to help! Creating a project plan is usually a part of our scope so all you need is an idea, a problem or a requirement, and we’ll take it from there.

What kind of companies does SIENT work with?

We work with any company that depends on technology, from SaaS, tech hardware, marketplace, or tech extensions to an offline business, our services can be tailored as per your company’s size and industry requirements.

My requirement is not listed?

Please drop us a message with your requirements and we will quickly get back to you on how we can help you!

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